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Wright Bros. Beef

Wright Bros. Beef is produced from black angus cattle that are raised on the third generation Wright family farm in Moneta, VA. Our cattle have been raised, bred, and fed individually to achieve outstanding quality traits to provide a tasteful beef.
From birth until they are sold to the consumer, the cattle are handled under Beef Quality Assurance guidelines, certified to properly administer medication and vaccinations for the prevention of unsafe meat. We ensure that you are provided with a safe and quality meat.

Beef Cut - Moneta, VA - Wright Bros. Beef
Learn More About Wright Bros. Beef:
  • Cattle are raised, bred, and fed individually
  • Calves are given minerals and vaccinations
  • Beef is processed, aged, and hand cut at Smith Valley Meats
Our Mission at Wright Bros. Beef:
To provide our customers with a safe and pleasant eating experience every time they eat our beef.
Contact Danny Wright of Wright Bros. Beef today at 540-312-3065 for more details.
Curtis Wright: 540-312-3067

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Wright Bros. Beef